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ATL shows your battery that is full charged in 34 minutes


Amperex Technology Limited, more known by the acronym ATL, is a companies dedicated almost in exclusive to the development and manufacture of batteries. While perhaps by name not too familiar, just let know you that it is one of those responsible for the manufacture of batteries installed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Until you stop reading, specifically the Note 7 sold in China but do not have any problems.

Now that you breathe a little more tranquil, comentarte that ATL has surprised almost everyone with the presentation of a new battery can withstand load of 40W which allows that this is loaded from an initial state in which the level is 0% load to full or 100% load , in just 34 minutes.

ATL presents a new 3,000 mAh battery which can be charged in full in just 34 minutes.

As discussed in the issued statement, this new battery will be available in three different sizes being the largest model 3000 mAh. According to the tests performed, this model can be charged to 80% in just 17 minutes completing his load in 34 minutes. To avoid problems and scares, levels have been modified so that to charge to 80% in 25 minutes, reaching the total of load in 40-50 minutes.

Finally, note that ATL officials said the quick load not it will shorten in any way the life of the battery by what it will continue to offer about 500 charge cycles as in the vast majority of batteries, which today can be found in the market. As detail, highlighting that according to ATL, after 700 charging cycles the battery still should offer a yield of 80%.

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