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Attention! The application of über could give our private information


In the last hours several security companies has warned about the danger of the Uber application because of their bugs. To differ from other applications, the Uber application has bugs that allow hackers to find out private information of drivers, users and even little Honorable drivers can be included.

In total there are 14 security holes that would put at risk not only the privacy of users but the own business because some of them refer to modification of rates or discount coupons. Security holes are not only truth but that Uber has recognized this and is working on at least four problems that allow greater security, but meanwhile, the user data at risk.

The Uber application still has 100,000 active coupons

In addition several tests indicate that still there are coupons active, in particular more than 100,000 coupons. Some of these coupons reach 100 dollars of discount, a high figure for any Uber service.

But the most dangerous, no doubt, is the hole that allows you to locate the UUID of the driver and the user, so that any could access our personal data, those which introduce into the user account as well as the bank details.

Once again are security holes in applications of mobile, in this case in an über application, but it is not the first to which this happens, what does bring out the security of making payments through this application, or simply about the security of our data in mobile applications.

So, it seems that the creation of a virtual identity or false information are becoming increasingly important to have greater security of our real life, but are they really effective? I personally believe that our data security can happen by not exposing them, or real data or false data. In any case I recommend not to use the application while these problems persist and any update that comes out approving it, because correct security holes.

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