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Back to the cole what tablet buy to help me to study?


Plays the worst return for many children, while is the best of many parents. The back to school is here, it’s time to start preparing the materials needed to tackle a new course. However, the technology also is present in this day to day of them more small (and the not so small). Started to be considered necessary for the correct development intellectual the intervention of devices electronic as the computer or the tablet. In this occasion, are those tablets who will occupy the thickness of the information. It is a good time to present some alternatives in the face to the study with technology what tablet buy to help me/you to study? Don’t miss our tips.

In first place there are several factors that must have in has at the time of purchase you a tablet to our son, or at the time of buy it for us themselves. The first is undoubtedly the age, we need to know if young people are going to be able to be responsible for a device as well, and the second is the demand that we are going to impose to the device.

Tablets for infants and with low technical demands


Here undoubtedly have to submit to alternative Amazon Fire, this 7 inch tablet costs only 59.99 euros in its version of 8 GB of storage, that if it is compatible with microSD cards. It has the version of Android modified by Amazon, focused also on the books. The Amazon Fire has a Super 7 inch screen with resolution 1024 x 600 (171ppp), which is moved by a processor quad-core and 1GB of RAM.

On the other hand, the alternative for children is the child tablet TV Clan 2, a 7 inch tablet, with a modest processor and 1GB of RAM. That if, comes accompanied from connection microHDMI that us will allow connect it to the TV and enjoy of contents multimedia. That Yes, we must take into account that this tablet will end up becoming more a toy than an educational instrument, especially if we are not aware of the use.

Tablets for teenagers and demand media / hightablet-1

Start the Institute, and with new materials. In fact, many institutes were are adding to initiatives of large technological, replacing certain materials by tablets. In this way, we will consider what are the best for teens of Institute, what tablets can lend a hand in terms of their educational development.

To start, not can ignore the iPad, although not are going to have in has the version Pro of the same, us are going to stay in the iPad Air 2, a device with screen to resolution Retina, a processor of them more powerful in the market of them tablets, connectivity total and the compatibility of accessories that you guarantees Apple. The price is €389 if we can still find a device of 16 GB, Apple Store already only sold 32 GB devices from €429. The good thing about having an iPad is that it has a wide range of applications both for teachers and students, many alternatives and the best possible development back focused on education. In this way, the iPad is the instrument chosen by the majority, in addition to operating system guarantees means that adolescents make appropriate use of it.

The Asus ZenPad Z300C is the cheap alternative, from €150 at Amazon, we have a 10-inch tablet with all the connectivity imaginable, along with 32 GB of internal storage, a processor Intel Atom X 3 and a resolution of 1280 × 800 with IPS panel. Not going to ignore the RAM, 2 GB that will be sufficient for the tasks that can ask you. Is without a doubt the alternative cheap and playful.

Tablets for professionals and academics


Once again, we started with the Apple. We have the iPad Pro in size of 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches, depending on the needs. The tablet with the most powerful hardware on the market, accompanied by accessories such as the keyboard and the Apple Pencil, a pencil that will allow us to write about a role were. As for the camera, sound and the development at the level of software back no doubt fits us. The problem is with the limitations of iOS, is what the tablet with more possibilities of the market in terms of development, but iOS much forecloses alternatives, and search facilities is going to be complicated. The price is considerably high, above €600 you will have to pay for one.

If what you want is versatility we present the Chuwi Hi12, a tablet PC with 10 Windows and Android 5. 1, so we can choose at every moment what we should be. With 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage (for microSD expansion). It has everything you can ask to a tablet PC at a price that does not usually reach the 250 in Amazon for example, although you can get cheaper.

We hope to have served our rabbits, leave us in the comments if you have some doubts or experiences on the topic.

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