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Banco Popular could be suffering a phishing attack

Phishing Banco Popular

During the past few days it appears that Banco Popular has detected an attack from phishing where those responsible literally want to steal their customer data. Because of this and especially in case of account with the Bank, you should pay close attention to your Inbox and do not fill or send any type of form as a response to the email. This is essential if you don’t want that, among other things, certain people have access to your account and your data.

The attack has been discovered by the Security Office of the Internet (OSI) belonging to the Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguirdad (INCIBE). As explained in the issued statement, apparently, refers to a specific group of computer experts who have begun to send fake emails with the subject “Safety message”. As on other occasions, the creators of this attack have managed to imitate both the design and procedures of Banco Popular in its sending of mails.

mail Banco Popular

As you can see just above these lines, in the message attached is a malicious file. This is the main objective of the same, the user to download this file after reading an email where announces that the Bank has detected some kind of activity that violates us conditionsor form that the account will be temporarily suspended until the user does not download, complement and sent the attachment of verification.

Once user download is the attached file, when executed, will open a new window in the browser which directly is a fake web site that impersonates the Popular Bank. This page requests that all kinds of personal data are completed to proceed with the verification. Among them nothing less than the user name, number of credit card, card expiry, even the same pin and CVV code.

One of the keys to take into account, in addition to data that the page we are asked are quite suspicious, is that by opening the so-called web page this is hosted on the hard drive of the computer instead of online and in the directory of Banco Popular. Unfortunately once we send the form with the data, these if that are hosted on a database of offenders while the page you redirects, now yes, the officer of the people’s Bank.

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