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Basslet: Subwoofer that you can wear on your wrist

Many of us can not live without music and where it is that we are always walk with headphones listening to our favorite topics. The problem is that the bass is sometimes not heard or the hype of the battery and that is something really annoying.

Finally reached the solution to our problems. Meet the Basslet, “the first subwoofer in the world of the size of a clock for your body”, as they say its creators Lofelt. It is a wristwatch with an integrated subwoofer that will make you feel as if you’re standing beside one huge (rumbling throughout the body).


It is a small square piece of metal with two buttons on the side, which serve to adjust the intensity of the low frequencies. It comes with interchangeable cable which you can plug in any port of audio 3.5 mm.

Basslet can connect to different devices: a cell phone, a console, a computer, a virtual reality, including helmet, and is not required to handle with any mobile application. Its battery lasts longer than six hours listening to maximum volume and is loaded in less than an hour.

This device was created with the German technology LoSound, an engine created by Lofelt (patent-pending) based on an optimized magnetic flows voice coil. Basically consists of a weight that is moved back and forth creating vibrations, which cover the entire spectrum of frequencies between 10 and 250 Hz.


The idea is that with not only Basslet bass frequencies of our music we listen, but we also feel it. It is “a sound experience powerful that hearing aids can not deliver”. Subwoofer bracelet is completely silent to the rest and only the user who has it put will be able to experience it.

Basslet was funded through Kickstarter campaign, exceeding the amount requested and gathering USD $83, 000. It is intended to be launch in December this year. Would you like to have this device?

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