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Battery removable for the LG G6?


Are coming to end of year and the renewal of the current LG G5 is each time more closely. Remember that LG launched the current ship logo with a series of accessories to mode of smartphone modular that not has had the success that is expected, by this them rumors and leaks for the next generation of the terminal seem to go aimed towards a “device compact” without “friends” and now seems that with the possibility of extract the battery.

In this sense not us seems a bad choice for the user the possibility of change the battery of the LG G6, so can add a second battery to them moments in which us stayed without possibility of load the device. In the case of the current LG G5 the battery is one of their points weak, so hope that improve also in ability to get a greater autonomy.

He theme of them batteries of them devices current has chosen the road of not allow to the user perform change any on she in it most of cases and many have present them recent problems of devices pointers with their batteries, so hope that LG not miss the North and choose a good road for this theme that assumes a point important in the purchase of a smartphone that not has had success in this sense with their previous devices.

This news is a rumor and not is nothing official, but the Middle Korea Herald explains that the signs would be thinking in leave the option of remove the battery of the LG G6. Is very little time to discover that will pass to the final if have in has that the Mobile World Congress is each time more closely. What if would be good leaving of side the issue of if will be removable or not this battery, is give him more autonomy to the new terminal, will see that passes to the end.

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