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Become flexible, thin and autorreparables batteries

baterías flexibles, delgadas y autorreparables

One of the big problems today day is facing both the wearables as electronics in general when we want to include it in clothing and other accessories, lies mainly in areas where these is hosted every electronic is not flexible, something that complicates too design any type of garment that want and want to provide added functionality.

Due to this and to the needs of flexibility that have this type of garments not is of wonder that are many them teams of researchers that are trying to of give solution to problems as, for example, the of that these parts can fracture is before the torque of certain areas of a garment, especially where van hosted them batteries.

The truth is that there is already in the market lithium-ion batteries that have certain properties by which they can bend or roll up but, too often, this makes breaking or can lead to security problems before the more than possible dumping of chemicals that have inside that, as you know, tend to be toxic flammable and, above all, corrosive.

Create a new type of battery capable of repaired only by pressing for a few seconds the broken ends of the same.

A solution to this problem is that just presented a group of researchers, thanks to his work have succeeded in developing a new type of battery lithium-ion flexible and very thin with self-healing properties. This battery can be bent or rolled all what the user wants to since, in case of break of any of its components, this can is repair single with so only apply a bit of heat in the area.

Going a bit more into detail, let know you that these batteries have electrodes composed of parallel layers of carbon nanotubes where have embedded lithium compounds necessary so that the electrodes in the form of nanoparticles can fix alone. For its part, the electrolyte is formed by a gel based cellulose with solution of sulphate of lithium aqueous and without elements toxic. In case of break, so only there that pressing them ends broken during some seconds so is repair.

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