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Before the flood, enjoy free documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Before The Flood

When the artists are put hands to the work passes this, that arise true works of art. In this case, Martin Scorsese and and Fisher Stevens have seen fit to go a documentary about climate change that tells nothing more and nothing less than the winner of the Oscar of the Academy, Leonardo DiCaprio. In this mode, little better we can sell it. But joining the party no less than Barak Obama, Bill Clinton and Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary general of the Organization of the United Nations. Don’t miss this fast-paced documentary on climate change that National Geographic has seen fit to publish for free (only during this week) to the interested public.

About an hour and a half of the Spanish branch of the company NatGeo documentary has had good captioning into Spanish, so that viewers with a low level of English can enjoy it equally, because a great work of this nature is worth that and more. The reality is that the documentary has harvested a myriad of good critical, reaping a 7.4 in pro, and a 8.8 to them users of Metacritic. The good Leonardo knows where point darts, and reproaches him the following no less than to President Obama:

United States of America has been the largest emitter of gases of effect greenhouse in the history…

Few signs can give about Leonardo DiCaprio or of M. Scorsese, on the other hand, Mark Monroe (the screenwriter) is the author of other documentary from renowned as The Cove.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Of this mode, if this night not have nothing more interesting that do, is time of take popcorn and a soft drink, sit you to know of the hand of large specialists and artists, what is reach real of the pollution, and how them humans are full-time of solve all those “natured” that have gone causing from the revolution industrial in our planet.

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