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Bezos does not say ‘no’ to the Wearables

Jeff Bezos

During the last week Bezos has made controversial statements that might indicate the advent of a new family of devices from Amazon. To Bezos, CEO of Amazon, had been asked by the wearables, devices which are going very strong in the market. Bezos has insisted that it can say nothing about the roadmap of the company but does not say ‘no’ to this famous market and in which large companies are focusing so much lately.

The truth is that the statements have not contributed much to the future plans of Amazon, but Bezos has indicated that it recognizes that the wearables market is a huge market and you will have a great future but we have still seen the tip of the iceberg. Something interesting for Bezos already could indicate that Amazon launched a wearable in a not-too-distant future with the Amazon brand.

Bezos says that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in the wearables world

But towhat will sell? Almost all Amazon products relate to your online store and help sell more services and products from Amazon. Thus the Kindle or tablets help to sell ebooks, Fire TV helps to sell Prime Video content, dash buttons help sell products and even Amazon Echo helps to sell music and be able to buy things through the voice.

Personally I think that Amazon if you will have a wearable, possibly a smartwatch although the market of fitness devices could also be interesting for Amazon, but I recognize that the market is still very agitated and possibly Bezos and Amazon are waiting for the market to be quiet.

Now, if Amazon launches a wearable what will help sell? will get Amazon into a new market to justify the creation of wearables? do you you think?

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