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BitTorrent launches its own app to watch videos online


Sure that when we talk about BitTorrent we all know about what kind of program we are, one that he helps us greatly to share and download files, even though in many cases these unfortunately are protected by copyright, which makes illegal distribution. Within all programs that allow us to perform this kind of task, no doubt, BitTorrent is one of the most famous and used throughout the community.

With this in mind I must admit that it has struck me particularly responsible for the development of it have announced the launch of an application for Android devices that would make it possible to see videos online without downloading them. Talk of BitTorrent Live, same that already is available in the Google Play although with important limitations since so only, of time, works in a few devices.

BitTorrent Live, an app for Android to see streaming videos.

To operate, as the torrent this client connects through P2P which ensures that, the greater the number of users, rapidly and smoothly go network and better will be the performance and the video. We must have in this special care with its operation since it is very different from what we are accustomed. In this type of model are the users who share data between their networks to improve the image.

At the moment, according to the experiences of all what you have already tried BitTorrent Live, apparently all the content is in English and the offer is not too wide though, as you might expect, this may change at the same rate that begin to show new users.

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