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BitTorrent Now, the app to discover music independent, now available on Android


Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music are streaming music services that offer a huge variety of music that we all know and which allows us to access all kinds of songs and themes. The only thing that happens when you want to find new music that is in other channels, such as the independent music, should rely on services like SomaFM.

Today we have another who has come to Android and is called BitTorrent Now. It comes from the popular platform for file sharing torrent and hoping to bring in a same space both independent bands and artists and that audience hungry for new sensations with regard to music. An interesting initiative that comes with all the best intentions.

BitTorrent uses an app with a great interface that allows us to access all great musical content from multiple tabs. We can access those recommended, trend or continue to new groups of music as singers. It offers content both in audio and video, so we have a platform that it has great quality for all users.


From the search feature can find styles of music such as dubster, hip hop, electro, dance, pop or folk among many others. We have the profile in which we can add an image and you can manage who follow, recent content or recommended.

A very interesting application that has a great design, but to be the first version comes with some bugs, so don’t you be surprised you if you meet them. You have it for free from the Google Play Store and with certain content of payment through the Bundles, a choice so that artists can also benefit by the great quality offer.

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