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Black Friday was a success for Sony PS4 2 million sold


Black Friday It has been a sales success, where for example Amazon approached one million products sold, only in Spain. However, one of the big winners was Sony, which managed to sell two million consoles PlayStation 4, thanks in part to the interesting offers and succulent discounts that were on the original price of the device.

Offer more noted within the increasingly popular, and likewise extensive, Black Friday, was the pack that formed the PS4 console with game “Watch Dogs 2”, although the Japanese company has not offered us exact sales figures.

Also there was interesting offers in others versions of the PS4 as are the Slim or the Pro, but of time Sony nor has revealed figures official of sales concerning these models, although perhaps it make soon for follow boasting of the good time that crosses its game console in the market.

Today we can still find some interesting offer in the PS4, as well as some of the most popular games, no doubt face to the campaign of Christmas has started and where Sony consoles will be certainly one of major gifts that we see in the charts to the Kings Magi of many children , adults and in general people of all the ages.

PlayStation 4 Slim (PS4)-console of 500 GB

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