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BlackBerry announcing the end of the Classic model making

He arrived as a team called the nostalgia and the period of glory of the company, but everything comes to an end. BlackBerry just of announce the cessation of the manufacturing of the model Classic, launched in 2014.

Through a publication in the blog of the Canadian company, the Chief of operations of the brand, Ralph Pini, commented with a melancholic tone that the decision is due to the new road in the catalogue of products that will be offered in the future.

“To continue to innovate and move forward in our portfolio, we are updating our line of phones according to current trends.  As part of this, and after many years of success in the market, already not be able make BlackBerry Classic. During many years, Classic (and its predecessors) BBOS has been in our portfolio. He has been a workhorse and an incredible device for customers, surpassing all expectations. However, has exceeded long the average of life of a telephone intelligent current“, pointed out.”

Pini bet to may follow offering products excellent, with base to its good reputation in security and in manufacturing of equipment more productive, although it moved not leaves of be a clear indicator of that the company will continue to in its route towards Android and let each time more than side to BlackBerry you 10.

Apart from the bad news, chief operating officer said that users can keep seeking information to operators with respect to the availability of the Classic model either buy it unlocked at the official site. On the other hand, he asserted that they will continue releasing updates for your operating system.

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