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BlackBerry confirms that it will continue selling its brand under license

The rise, fall and resurrection of BlackBerry, hand of TCL, has been a complex story. Somehow the company managed to be present, as a brand, rather than manufacturer, at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC), which shows its new model KeyOne, but also talked about the future for them.

In exclusive interview for people of VentureBeat, Alex Thurber, head of mobile solutions for BlackBerry revealed plans of the firm, where it planned to deploy a commercial strategy on two fronts. On the one hand selling devices under its brand, but through a licensing system, and secondly focusing now on mobile security and privacy protection services:

We’re excited to see how mobility solutions fit now for a more comprehensive history for BlackBerry, with our licensing system I think that we are in a great position to move forward.

Our other licensees will soon begin to launch products also. I think that it will be a very exciting year for BlackBerry.

Private companies, Government and individuals are now part of the new market of services for BlackBerry, while that TCL will be assuming all risks and most of gains in the production of smart mobile devices.

For now, the future for BlackBerry, according to its Executive, will be more focused in the development of solutions for mobile software, specialized in the protection of data of its users.

Perhaps is it better for BlackBerry.

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