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BlackBerry denies the permanent abandonment of its BlackBerry 10 operating system


BlackBerry presented of form official makes already some time a new system operating, baptized as BlackBerry 10 and with which would be of make to Android or iOS. The software presented at an event that took place in New York was never to have the expected success, mainly by its tardiness in coming to the market, while it is not at all a bad operating system.

10 BlackBerry hit the market very late way, together with the first mobile devices, which cost the position to Thorsten Heins and mostly cost him a promising future for Canadian signature. Now BlackBerry is focused in Android and several rumors pointed the week last that the company that now runs Jhon Chen had decided abandon of form final the BlackBerry 10.

However the company of Canadian origin has gone through rumors and has denied that they have sent a letter to different mobile operators where announce that abandon their own to focus on Android operating system. According to BlackBerry, if it is true that they are focused on Android, but this does not mean to abandon definitively BlackBerry 10.

According to the rumors not only BlackBerry would have decided to abandon their operating system, but it would have decided also to cease production of all devices with this software, i.e. the BlackBerry Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport and Classic. Released by the Canadian official posture is very different and is that is the only decision the disrupt the production of the BlackBerry Classic.

In addition also have claimed that BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 is still in development and will be released officially for the coming month. Of time the BlackBerry 10 still alive, although not know how time.

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