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BlackBerry Priv is selling less than expected

This might sound like a broken record, but BlackBerry is suffering because of poor sales. According to a report by CNET, an Executive of AT & T in the U.S. said that the Priv is struggling to stay afloat and that the operator has seen more returns than expected.

AT & T hoped that the presence of a physical keyboard and Android were sufficient to attract the public. Unfortunately the majority of the registered sales are fans of the brand, who “have had to adapt to the new operating system” according to the Executive.

BlackBerry has already accepted that they committed some errors with the Priv, mainly in the price, so few would be interested in acquiring this terminal instead of another Android or an iPhone. Of course, the market to which it is addressed is different, and BlackBerry has managed to offer a safe in Android experience.

The company hopes to regain ground with the next Terminal, which will be offered at a more affordable price. In terms of sales, the Priv sold about 600,000 units during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

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