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BlackBerry to launch new Terminal next month of July


During the last Friday, the lackberry CEO, John Chen, presented the economic company reports, but also unveiled new features that will be in little place in the company, that is, the presentation of new terminals with Android.

According to the company, and in the words of John Chen, the new terminal will be presented sometime in the month of July. Terminals that will have Android and that comply with the philosophy of the company, something that never ceases to be interesting but do not have the expected sales or expected is a terminal that lift the company and their losses.

We only know that one of the terminals will have a keyboard, the famous Blackberry keyboard, but we don’t know if these terminals will be the famous Blackberry Hamburg and Blackberry Rome or are simply new terminals. We have also known that the company is still losing money, in particular, Blackberry is still losing $ 287 million a high number even for a giant such as Blackberry.

New Blackberry terminals will go on the market next month of July

New Blackberry devices will have Android, since it has recognized the success of Blackberry Priv, but has not confirmed anything about Hamburg and Rome, in any case, all seems to point that these devices will be as nothing on other terminals is known. About Blackberry OS is not known anything, it seems that the project is abandoned or left the company.

So it seems that despite the fact that during the first half, the former company RIM has had considerable losses, you can end the year with gains or at least, that the company is without any loss, something that would be interesting for the company and for Blackberry users who want to still the company terminals.

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