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BlackBerry will stop manufacturing the BlackBerry Classic


The Canadian firm BlackBerry still does not lift its head. Despite the efforts that has made the company to try to return to the market, none of their bets has managed to return to attract the interest of former users of platform and much less of those who are accustomed to other platforms.

After several laps with the OS BB-10 the company dropped it seen little success that had in the market and opted to use Android in the last device that has launched to the market, the BlackBerry Priv, a device that works with Android, but that includes all the applications of the Canadian company’s security.

The high price of this device, in the higher range of telephony has not contributed to more veteran users to return to the company because of its price. But the company has taken into account the opinion of their former users and has decided to launch next year, according to the latest rumors, three new models one for each range on the market: high, medium and low. With this move the users of the life of the company if that may use the services of the company.

Meanwhile the company has just announced that it will stop manufacturing the BlackBerry Classic smartphone, which to this day still using BlackBerry OS 10, an operating system that went without penalty or glory by the market despite the interest that showed the company to try to recover part of the market that was losing by leaps.

According to the company, over the next three years, Canada will continue to offer support in the form of updates, firm but it is very likely that this term does not meet since it is now focusing on the launch of new handsets based on Android to compete in all categories of the market, from the lowest to the top of the range where currently the 6s iPhone and Galaxy S7 copan sales.

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