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Blizzard and Facebook team up to bring social networking to video games


The famous video game company online, Blizzard, has announced that it will once again join Facebook to bring all their games to the world of social networks, video games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Overwatch. Thus all their games will be compatible with Facebook and its accounts, with which users can expose their best moves and moments of leisure through Facebook.

This will also cause users do not need to create profiles that can register for Blizzard services through the Facebook account, to speed up the identification process and to play quickly. Companies Blizzard and Facebook already teamed up in the past for times and specific actions such as registering on, but as shown in Blizzard, this union will be longer in time. This new union aims to bring all its platform to social networks, so it will be easier to users can show and communicate their progress in each one of the games of Blizzard, including his new release, Overwatch.

Also the Facebook API’s will be joining Blizzard products. One of them will be Facebook Live, an api that will allow the live game broadcast, but also it could in the not-too-distant future incorporate other API’s such as the Oculus Rift and WhatsApp, with what Blizzard products would be more releases do not you think?

Try to Blizzard take their games to other platforms such as Oculus Rift?

Personally I’m not very fan of communicating my game or my games through social networks, but if it is true that it has become a fashion that increasingly is more successful and certainly many players of World Of Warcraft will appreciate or maybe not do you you think?

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