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BLU will be facing a class action lawsuit in the United States

Not long ago consignábamos the fact that a model of intelligent brand BLU phone was sending personal data to servers in China, as well as the official response of the company against the case.

He theme not was there, unless in United States, where the signature of lawyers Rosen announced that is recruiting customers of the company for start a research and demand collective by “installation of software spy” in equipment of the brand. Say that BLU admitted that collected data personal not authorized in form of messages of text, history of calls and contacts of its consumers to subsequently be sent to servers located in China.

The software that collected this information corresponds to the company Shanghai Adups Technology. According to the CEO of BLU, Samuel Ohev-Zion they not were in knowledge of the situation and that were they themselves who lit the alarm and is made charge of the theme. “All the data mine of them phones were destroyed by Adups and not there is no model of BLU that has the software currently”.

According to Carmen Gonzalez, Director of Marketing of BLU, them not see so much gravity in them made because nobody came out damaged and that it happened not justifies any type of demand.

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