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Blue Origin has already ready its new orbital engine for the New Glenn rocket

Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos has reason to be happy, as demonstrated through his own Twitter account since, after a long time of design and construction work and testing, Blue Origin has been working on its BE-4 engine from 2011, finally its new large-scale engine already ready.

As a reminder, let know you that this engine is crucial for the company’s plans since the BE-4 is responsible for giving life to new rocket of the company, the New Glenn, same on which they have promised will be reusable and will have the capacity to travel around the Earth with heavy loads and even passengers in its interior.

Almost seven years later, Blue Origin finally has its long-awaited BE-4 engine developed and ready to be used.

For the moment, the truth is that the new engine BE-4 still has to pass a final test in a secure environment by which it is believed that this will take place at West Texas, in the same facilities where the own Blue Origin has already performed testing on other occasions and same place where was launched for the first time the rocket New Shephard that such good results has given to the company.

As a final detail, let know you that the production of this engine is not only great news for the company’s Jeff Bezos, but also is for the United Launch Alliance already that after the ban by the United States to use Russian engines in the launch of military satellites, also utilizarn of Blue Origin new motor in its new rocket Vulcan.

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