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Bookings of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in South Korea made history

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive in a few days formally to the market, since it was presented on 29 March. Reservations opened few hours after his presentation and for the moment the new vessel Samsung logo because it has made history by reaching the 550,000 reserves in South Korea, his home country, in just two days.

And it is that as we have been able to see in the hands of Samsung, the new S8 Galaxy managed to reach the majestic figure of reserves between days 7 and 8 April. This figure for example far surpasses that achieved by the S7 Galaxy or Galaxy Note 7.

Also now we can confirm that problems of the Galaxy Note 7, which ended up removing it from the market, and explosions are not affecting the S8 Galaxy that has convinced and much to the users, time of South Korea, although we fear that it will finally convince users around the world.

So far held reservations record the Galaxy Note 7 which reached the figure of 400,000 reservations, although not in within only two days. The following record that should seek to overcome the S8 Galaxy are the 49 million units sold of the S7 Galaxy, which we fear It will soon tear down if we take into account the impressive number of bookings achieved in just two days.

In what refers to our country, at the moment not have transcended figures, but if you want to book the new S8 Galaxy, in order to receive it on April 20, you can do it on Amazon here.

Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be an unprecedented success?.

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