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BOOM 2 is the speaker of Ultimate Ears that breaks records with PartyUP


He last day 30 of November, Ultimate Ears was capable of beating nothing less that a Record Guinness to the get match the greater number of speakers wireless never seen in a same device. Nothing less than 208 devices BOOM 2 Ultimate Ears, ringing at the same time. With such reason, them guys of Ultimate Eears us was invited to their events of Madrid where could see in live and live as is the spends this speaker “unbreakable”. We were able to test their sound in the most extreme conditions, why want to tell you what our impressions about the BOOM 2, the wireless speaker that you can assemble a feast in no time.

To begin with, the key lies in PartyUp, an application that is available to all users of iOS and Android and that allows us to synchronize a host of devices BOOM, BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM. Of this mode, can assemble a party of the mode more simple possible, each user and friend may bring his BOOM and automatically, through a link, is connect all between if to play the same content musical. This is how we come to a total of 50 BOOM 2 in Madrid and we enjoyed your audio quality while the “we maltratábamos”.

Knowing to Ultimate Ears


The company Ultimate Ears is made extremely famous in the year 1995 to the perform headphones custom for those artists music. In this way, 80% of the top artists have this kind of elements in their concerts, giving the possibility to listen better and offer the best possible content to its customers. Eleven years later, Ultimate Ears continues expanding its business, and us offers today a range of speakers wireless that not leave indifferent absolutely to nobody, above all now that are property of the better-known brand Logitech, password of identity level of hardware and of software that hard can deny. So, if you didn’t know to Ultimate Ears, you should keep in mind that Logitech endorses its technologies and materials, disappearing so any questions in respect of this remarkable brand of wireless headphones and speakers.

What makes so special to the BOOM 2?


He made of that can transport it towards where want and as you want without fear to stay you with it. The equipment of audio usually are flimsy, and above all to the water, his enemy public number one. They 2 of Ultimate Ears BOOM not afraid of absolutely nothing, these wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology, however, have resistance to water (IPX7) and a rubber coating which invites you to drop it without fear. It is for this reason which makes it the perfect companion for our parties. The price will not be something that you import when you know that you are counting on a device being hard to fail.

So as you can see in the photo above, I I started to put it under the water while he was listening to a song, and far from flinching, sprinkled water, sound waves and the power of BOOM 2 of Ultimate Ears were doing their job.

Design and availability


Colorful and fun, is its mark of identity and us will help to not lose them an intense evening of summer in the pool. However, to the catalog already existing is van to add three editions special and limited, following the lines aesthetic and differentiating from the rest of devices of the same range. Of this mode are the Vynil with a design more sober, the NInja, with a combination of colors somewhat bizarre and finally the Downton, that evokes to the sensations urbanites more popular. These exclusive models you will find El Corte Inglés, Amazon and Media Markt, is that these speakers are so striking, that these companies wanted to have a unique and special, model that you can buy for the price of € 199 in their respective stores and online.

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