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Boston Dynamics introduces us to Handle, a robot with two wheels that will surprise you

Boston Dynamics

After a long time of waiting Boston Dynamics is back and this time to surprise all those fans to the world of Robotics since, literally, I must admit that it is impressive all he is capable of making the new robot Handle, a model that uses only two wheels to move and is able to not only keep the balance , but also jump.

Especially striking that Boston Dynamics engineers have chosen to Handle moves only through the use of two wheels, especially if we consider the predilection which feel all these towards the creation of robot with four legs. According to other characteristics of the robot, highlight your size 1.98 meters or something as simple as it may be the ability to jump up to 1.22 meters in this first version.

Handle a bit more evolving Boston Dynamics robot platform.

Just above these lines, I leave a video where being able to see carefully what is able to this bearing engineering created by Boston Dynamics, a creature that is able to travel up to 25 km on a single battery charge at a maximum speed of 14.5 km/h. Undoubtedly a robot that will call the attention of many fans, especially for a large number of technical solutions implemented in the same.

Highlight, according to Boston Dynamics, that Handle is the robot easier to build that they have made to date allowing that its price in the market, if it is, is far below the rest of their robots despite the fact that their work can be even more efficient in different areas. He said if it is arriving in market since, as the rest of robots designed and manufactured by Boston Dynamics, Handle is a platform created for research and development purposes.

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