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Brazil court freezes $ 6 million of Facebook accounts by problems with WhatsApp


The messaging application in the world Queen is WhatsApp with more than 1,000 million monthly active users. In second place we find the application Facebook Messenger with over 900 million users. Currently there are many countries which have a share of over 90%, which include Brazil, a country that in recent years is giving you more problems to the company’s Mark Zuckerberg than good news, despite the market share that has. WhatsApp is facing several problems with justice in the country and because of these problems, has already suffered several suspensions in service in the country.

But the authorities of the country, have decided opt for another via for press to the company. A judge in the country has decided to block 6 million Facebook accounts, since WhatsApp does not have accounts in the country, to meet again with the refusal of the company to not collaborate with the authorities of the country to provide information about talks related to drug trafficking on an international scale. WhatsApp always has asserted that not can collaborate because in their servers never stores any conversation but only is stored in the devices, but seems that that you gives equal to them authorities Brazilian.

Last April, the company began to encrypt all conversations, both text and voice, from end to end so that it is only possible to read them on the device to which they are sent. That is why the country has decided to coerce the country attaching 6 million euros in fines because of the refusal to work, all the time carrying the process underway, since the beginning of the year. Facebook will have to move the thread if you want to continue offering its service in the country without having to be constantly suffering harassment from authorities abroad.

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