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BrewArt will allow you to create craft beer from your smartphone

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We are sure that many of our readers are a few devout lovers of beer, and they, like us, will surely noticed the recent boom that has lived in recent years for the microbrews. A sector that has grown so much that now until there is an alternative to create this spirit drink through a Smartphone.

BrewArt is an interesting and elaborate “home system”, for brewing, composed of two devices: the BeerDroid, responsible for mixing the drink for the time required, and the BeerFlo, which dispenses them on the glass once it is ready.


Drawn up on the initiative of Scott Harris and Paul Burge, a pair of crazy Australian, founders of the Cooper Brewery, the platform of craft beer BrewArt you can control completely from a smartphone, so that can make the process a distance, for the convenience of the users:

We wanted to do something that would give people a good experience of brewing through the smartphones.
The possibility of controlling the temperature also allows people to create beers that have been difficult to make in the past, as a nice clear beer, for example.

We made as simple as possible, without removing the science. The entire process can be controlled through the app.

And its creators are right, once obtained inputs are mixed in the BeerDroid, he rests the necessary time, crawled and evaluates its mix from your Smartphone, thanks to integrated sensors to the vessel, and served with the BeerFlo to temperature and exact conditions.

Unfortunately this toy will be nothing cheap. The BeerDroid will cost USD $800 and the BeerFlo will be around USD $700.

Is it worth it?

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