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Bumble will require you to confirm your identity with a photo of selfi


Flirting apps are popular and are million people who know others through those swipes, appointments, photos and other cast of varieties that the difference among others. These applications lead to the infidelity and the false accounts are the order of the day, so there are few that try to find solutions so that the hands thing will not.

Bumble is an app for those, but not as well known as Tinder, Happn and many others. Now it has come to the fore for forcing, if you need to verify your identity, have to get you a selfi so the team check it. It will not be compulsory, but if someone claims that you are using a false account, you seek so that you identify. A way to get rid of all those false accounts.

It will not ask that you click on a web link or to confirm your identity through a phone call, but that will oblige you to take a selfi to prove you’re not someone who is using the photos of another.

If you follow the slogan, Bumble will send you one of the 100 poses that have photographs of randomly. You will have to take a selfi with that pose especially for you send it. Bumble maintains that it can manage the verification in a matter of minutes and has, even workers to check and take a look at all of those images that are sent.

In that process, if failures in the verification in them following seven days, Bumble checked out your profile and not will be capable of use any of its features. This will be present for a week, so that thus you can try the poses and present who you really are. A measure that has given him more popularity to this app which is not bad.

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