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Canon patents a new target of 1000 mm


Thanks to the latest Canon patent we heard d her company currently is working on the creation of a brutal goal of 1,000 mm f/5.6 DO installed in an incredibly compact body, understood as compact a monstrous goal of such benefits. If you are interested, before continuing, let know you that we speak of specifically of Patent No. 2016-102852.

Going a bit more into detail, basically what we have before us is what Canon is considered as the youngest brother, not in vain its engineers have relied on this, the always impressive EF 1200 mm f/5.6 USM, an objective that we will always remember, especially his presentation just before the celebration of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles , event that took place in 1984.


The really interesting thing is that the company is precisely using the 1,200 mm as the basis to create the new 1000 mm with a clear, same difference found in its name and is none other than DO acronym which stands as insurance know if you’re a user and objectives Canyon, which the company uses to name its difractivas optical a technology that is used to focus the light in such a way that you can create a greater focal length without the need for a larger lens which would increase both its length and its weight.

Now, When will this new perspective to the market arrive? Unfortunately and as often happens at the moment only have information that offers its patent by what we do not know more data about this. Even so, wouldn’t be too crazy that it is presented in the short term, even more if we take into account the proximity as to the dates of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


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