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Canon presents will launch a 120 megapixel sensor

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If you are a lover of photography insurance that you will know that these days were has been held in Shanghai, China, the Canon Expoevent where the Japanese company usually quite important developments within the sector. As you might expect, this year they have returned to let the audience speechless thanks, nothing less than the presentation of a new 120-megapixel sensor that, after being novelty back in 2010, finally hit the market.

To date, the higher resolution cameras format full frame Canon had on sale were the EOS 5Ds and Canon 5Ds R whose sensors reached 50 megapixels, two cameras that will be updated to incorporate the new 120-megapixel sensor that, according to tests conducted by attendees who could both try it how to display images on a giant screen It’s simply amazing.

Canon has already ready to launch to the market its new 120-megapixel sensor

Unfortunately and as often happens, the company did not want to confirm or exact model of camera that this sensor to be mounted so we don’t know if the above mentioned models updated is or directly bet by launching a new SLR on the market, nor the release date though, at this point, mention that according to Canon executives present on the event , is expected to soon reach the market.

On the other hand, mentioning that there is a point that has been made very clear in this event and is that Canon must wager directly on its new models of cameras per disk SSD storage, not in vain we must bear in mind that a photo taken in RAW form with a camera equipped with the new 120-megapixel sensor has a weight of 214.1 MB , a size that is about three or four times higher than the managed by any camera at present.

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