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Canonical Announces Ubuntu Phone death

With sadness we inform Linux and lovers, especially Ubuntu, that the development of convergence that it could build a bridge between mobile devices and computers that Canonical called Ubuntu Phone, has died.

This was reported by the founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, through the official company blog, which talks about good performance of some of its products, among which not is Ubuntu Phone.

“I am writing to let them know that we will finish our investment in Unity8“, convergent UI on mobile devices and computers. According to Shuttleworth, the next step is to focus on the Ubuntu computer before Unity.

For this Canonical will again implement the GNOME in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop. The company ensures that it will continue to produce “more open source desktop (Ubuntu) usable in the world”, implying that they have no intentions of working on a mobile operating system.

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And so, since The Community Manager for Canonical, Michael Hall, clarified to ArsTechnica what Shuttleworth meant in the publication. In a nutshell, “the work in phones and tablets also is coming to an end, the entire history of the convergence, really”.

Shuttleworth believed that Ubuntu Phone, as one variant of the Ubuntu operating system, it would lead to the world an alternative to free convergence that would be appreciated by the community and the technology industry so frustrated with closed alternatives.

Unfortunately for Canonical, the industry is not interested in this alternative open convergence, since manufacturers that launched mobile devices with Ubuntu Phone, operating system that is attached to the failure of others as Firefox OS, due to the dominance of Android and iOS are counted.

After taking this difficult decision, Canonical will continue to work on what really aid that the company continues to grow: Ubuntu, its infrastructure and operations in the cloud, as well as its focus on the IoT technologies.

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