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Case IH shows us his impressive autonomous tractor

Case IH

Little by little the autonomous driving is coming to all sectors of the market and, as expected, the world of agriculture, perhaps one of the most ideal in principle, was not going to run out of creations like that today I want to introduce yourself, a striking autonomous tractor created by the company Case IH whose skills are being presented to the public within the Farm Progress Show event that is taking place in the city of Boone , Iwa (United States).

According to data published by Case IH, what you have on the screen is what they themselves have christened ‘Autonomous Concept Vehicle‘ or LCA, a stunning robotic tractor that can be operated at a distance using a tablet PC. As you can see, aesthetically it differs from a conventional in details such as the removal of the driver’s cab model since it has been replaced by a complex system composed of radars, GPS, cameras and sensors able to detect obstacles.

Case IH ACV, a stunning autonomous tractor controlled from a tablet PC

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In terms of autonomous function of this peculiar tractor, apparently and from the tablet PC that we have spoken above, any user could define routes and schedule tasks at certain times that will make that the tractor can work completely independently both day and night. In addition to schedule tasks, one may control several tractors and the location at any time of any unit. There is also an app for smartphone through which only you can monitor the status of scheduled tasks.

Mechanically this beast has been equipped with an engine of 420 HP , which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Despite the benefits that can provide a vehicle of this type and characteristics, at the moment its creators are trying to promote a regulation allowing to operate this type of tractors since, at the moment, not having driver makes it impossible that he can circulate on public roads, a subject to which, still, must spend much time so it is legalized.

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