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CEO of Sprint ensures that users do not leave the brand Samsung

To a week of that will reveal them first forecasts, in where is projected that Samsung would lose to near 5 million of users, seems that the scenario not is so negative. even if Tim Cook want otherwise.

It turns out that Marcelo Claure, CEO of the operator Sprint in the United States, would have intervened in a conference with investors to discuss the situation the Galaxy Note 7, ensuring that at least in his company the majority of those affected by this faulty terminal actually are changing it by a Galaxy S7, without abandoning the brand.

Even with everything that happened our users returned their Galaxy Note 7 reluctantly. I am a true believer that Samsung will recover from esto.

Apparently Samsung, at least those of Sprint, users have the perception that the Galaxy Note 7 incident was an isolated case and does not represent one sufficient reason to abandon their loyalty to the brand.

Since began them problems Samsung is has distinguished by implementing different strategies that encourage the permanence with them, taking refuge to all them exiled in the safe and forceful Galaxy S7.

It seems that they are doing well. At least until the Galaxy S8.

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