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Characteristics of future models of BlackBerry with Android


After several months of speculation, partly confirmed by the company, the Canadians have prepared three different models, which in theory will be presented before the end of the month. The company would launch a device of range high, range average and range low low the names Argon, Mercury and Neon. Just like the model Priv, company returns to bet on Android terminals, setting aside 10 OS, the operating system of the company that was used by the manufacturer in the models prior to the launch of the Priv, first handset with Android model.

But unlike other manufacturers, the Canadians announced that almost every month would launch security updates, commitment to serving time at raja table. Now as only us missing wait to see when is present and will be available in the market. But mostly what matters most to users will be the price. If they continue with the same policy of high prices of model Priv, going to be quite difficult to become an alternative to the large number of manufacturers of device mobile with Android.

Characteristics of the BlackBerry Neon

  • 5.2 inch 1080 p screen.
  • Snapdragon 617 and GPU Adreno 405.
  • 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage expandable.
  • 13 MP and 8MP rear camera.
  • Connectivity for 4G / LTE
  • 2,160 mAh fast charge battery.

Characteristics of the BlackBerry Mercury

  • 4.7 inch 1080 p screen.
  • SoC Snapdragon 625 and GPU Adreno 506.
  • 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage.
  • Chambers back of 18 MP and front of 8 MP.
  • Connectivity for 4G / LTE
  • Battery of 3,000 mAh with load fast.

Features of BlackBerry Argon

  • 5.5 inch 1440 p screen.
  • SoC Snapdragon 820. and GPU Adreno 530.
  • 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage.
  • Back 21 MP and rear 5 MP camera.
  • Fingerprint sensor, 4G / LTE and USB Type-C.
  • 3000 mAh with fast charge battery.

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