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Check here if your iPhone 6s is inside the battery replacement program


Makes a couple of weeks Apple announced a couple of programs of replacement for the iPhone. One of them was related to the failure on the touch panel of the device that was a little strange because it makes users pay the repair of the equipment (something complex to understand) and a battery for the iPhone 6s in which echoes of a bug with the first batches of these iPhone 6s making because of this failure the device goes off in random and completely unintended way. Today Apple already has put the paragraph web to know if your iPhone is within the affected by this problem.

This is something that Apple should have made at the time of launch this program of replacement or repair of these batteries, but that by the reason that out not it made. Now simply have that access to this paragraph in the web of Apple and place our country and number of series of the iPhone to see if are within this program of substitution totally free for the user. The serial number is located in the smartphone settings in the General option > information.

In this way once introduced a message us that we will know if we have or not affected iPhone by this ruling. It is possible that you already had repaired it before and then Apple will refund the total amount of the invoice. If adding the number of series not appears your iPhone but also has this problem, what have that do is ask a CITES in an Apple store or shop authorized to give record of your problem. It is more likely that despite not appearing in the program if it was not for any misuse of the iPhone it repaired you free of charge.

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