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China ends the construction of the largest radio telescope of the world

radiotelescopio FAST

In recent years, without a doubt, China has taken a shift and not just their economic situation, but practically all fields where they want to highlight. Thanks to this we find that, for example, at the level of computing are one of the most advanced countries while, in the space race, it seems that they also want to move in the first place.

Thanks to this we have truly impressive project such as the construction of which today is the largest radio telescope in the world. FAST, which is how it has been baptized by its makers, it will finally begin to work the month of September. As detail, something that called especially the attention, is that this radio telescope has been built with the unique objective of find signals of radio in the universe with which to detect any hint of life alien.

China completes construction of FAST, the largest radio telescope in the world.

Entering a little more in detail, according to has been published, talk of a huge system that has with a size similar to the of ones 30 fields of football and an opening ball of 500 meters. To complete the project have had to install 4.450 mobile triangular panels in a natural space within the modest Chinese province of Guizhou.

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As you can see, we talked about a lot the size of own radio telescope, both in the economic amount invested to be able to fulfill this dream. We talked about that China has had to invest no less than $ 180 million to make a project that has the mission to “look for foreign objects to better understand the origin of the universe and promote the search for extraterrestrial life global“.

Without place to doubts, are a step more near that Chinese finally reach its goal of convert is in the greater power space of the world, for carry to out this idea, the country Eastern wants to not only put in orbit a new station space much more large and complex, but send a man to the Moon in 2036.

More information: Xinhua

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