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Chinese infected with malware 85 million devices Android

Another day, another deadly threat to Android. Them users of this system operating mobile seems that not have a breathe, is just of confirm that the great majority of their devices are vulnerable to a failed critical and now is reveals the existence of a malware dangerous that would have infected to more than 85 million of devices in the world, generating tons of money to costa of their victims.

According to a report published by computer security firm Check Point, this malicious software, known as HummingBad, would have their home base in China, as a creation of the Yingmob, in collusion with a firm of analytical and advertising; and would run installing is of way unnoticed in the Android of the victim, generating profit fraudulent by displays non-existent of inserts advertising.

In theory this program would achieve up to USD $300,000 monthly illegal income. It would sound almost harmless, and as a danger only to advertisers that they are paying for a broadcast which did not, but the people of Check Point says that in reality this malware also installs some dangerous applications on infected device, so it represents a threat to consider.

The good news is that the vast majority of infected 85 million are in China. The bad news is that you there is a concrete form to prevent the infection.

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