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Chinese will show what there is in the face hidden from the Moon in 2018


Chinese just of make public all its aspirations space for the next decade and, without place to doubts, not will leave to nobody indifferent since, as is came rumored, the arrival of the robot Yutu to the Moon in 2013, so only was the kick of output to a career that seems be is have taken of a form very personal. The next milestone who want to harvest is to show what is there in the hidden face of the Moon in 2018.

To achieve this the scientists and researchers of the Chinese space agency, they are working on the development of the satellite Chanje-4, itself which, as they have indicated, should land on the side farthest from the moon. Of get reach this objective, comment you that Chinese would be the first country in achieving put a ship controlled in the face hidden of the Moon. In keeping with its unique program, we also find the idea of being able to reach Mars.

China wants to explore the face hidden from the Moon in 2018.

Specifically and as they have announced by Chinese authorities, apparently, and in the next five years, is scheduled to launch a mission to Mars. This mission would take place in 2020 and its aim is none other than the get to collect samples from the red planet for analysis back on Earth. Taking advantage of his trip to Mars, as is to informed, the Agency will leverage for explore them surroundings of Jupiter with the objective of carry to out a series of research on issues such as the origin and the evolution of the system solar.

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