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Chrome allows users to download movies from Netflix


Practically and since that was invented the streaming large companies working on this system have urged both to users and to certain companies to significantly improve their security and protection systems so that certain people can use these vulnerabilities to make copies of movies or songs on their hard drives to be played in a way online.

This online today I want to talk to you about some Chromesecurity failure, or any other browser based on Chromium, detected by a team of security researchers that, as discussed, a user with certain knowledge could get to skip the Google Widevine’s digital rights management system since the system would not check that unencrypted video is playing only in the browser.

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Precisely because of this last, with tools appropriate, you could capture the video without any problem. That is, according to tests carried out any user just enter in your Netflix account and give to play one movie either in the browser, this begins to copy to your hard disk. As it has become usual, the security problem has already been reported Google managers and, in spite of that has been posted that there is a bug, not yet entered into the details of how works or you can replicate.

On the other hand, researchers have continued to pass up the opportunity to indicate that this problem has been in the browser since Google deployed Widevine in Chrome. From Google, in turn, have indicated that they are already working to solve a failure but that, due to the nature of open source of Chromium, unfortunately any users could create their own versions of the software which in turn use other backup system or modify its operation. As detail, let know you that both Opera and Firefox also use Widevine so it also could be affected.

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