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Chrome OS will receive its own Storage Manager

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Chrome OS is an operating system that is advanced by leaps to become a real alternative as a desktop system. The reality is that these devices with Chrome OS meets the needs of more than Basic users, why are popular enough. In addition, they require an underpowered hardware to function, which lowers the cost of design and hardware devices that run it. However, like any other operating system, it is growing constantly, we now receive information about what is Chrome OS to receive in the coming weeks, applications that allow you to easily manage the storage of our device, aside from the manager that we find.

Thus it is far beyond to be able to know how much space is available to us, it is important to be able to control the storage in general and have a good file manager. This news will be welcome just after Google allowed to run Android software through the systems of Chrome OS, a function that should arrive much before, but which now allows getting a lot more party to these Chromebooks. With this new feature of control, for now will see the total capacity of the device, the available space and used. In addition, differentiate between the storage used by downloads and offline files.

Although still not allowing a file-level storage management, it is only a matter of time. The truth is that this possibility will allow users of the Chromebooks to manage more and better storage, above all now that the possibility of running Android applications has increased its usability dramatically, let us not forget that Google Play Store has today day almost everything, so we can even install Microsoft Office and many other applications that will allow us to make the most of the Chromebook , especially if you are not an advanced user and you manage with the Android interface.

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