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Chromecast Ultra what has again this Chromecast?


We are lovers of the Google Chromecast, that at the time I brought an analysis of Chromecast 2 of Google, and today I want to talk about the Chromecast Ultra. This device released with little time of difference with with regard to his “brother small”, comes to meet the needs of who want to enjoy in all time of them best capabilities of video and audio. We have 4 K era, Sony has already introduced its PlayStation Pro with capabilities in this resolution and media centers join issue at 4 k. Google wanted to satisfy lovers of 4 K, for that has come the Chromecast Ultra, however, perhaps the price is not so attractive as it should.

To the mess, the Chromecast Ultra has the ability to play content in streaming on Ultra HD (4 K) resolution with the possibility of adjusting to the HDR parameters. This wants to say that their processing capabilities have been improved, as well as the same size. However, we are faced with the problem of always, WiFi connections in the vast majority of households are an obstacle for playback in streaming content at high resolutions, however, Chromecast Ultra has the solution, an RJ45 connection, the classic Ethernet cable.

In addition, this new version the Chromecast is adapted to what in Spain is known as Wi-Fi Plus (which offer some telephone companies), which is nothing more than a router that broadcasts in band 5 GHz with ability to emit up to 300Mbps. Unlike their little brothers, Chromecast Ultra will not be offered in different ranges of colors, will come in a strict black. As tight as its price, €79 for a device clearly risen in price, and the reasons are obvious, because at that price or a little more we can find media centers that breed already contained in 4 K and perhaps offer us more possibilities at the level of software.

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