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City of Mexico, Jalisco and Nuevo Leon are those that more patents registered

Tech is normal that we constantly hear announcements of new patents from Samsung, Apple or other companies in the industry. Phones that fold, mixtures of tablet and laptop or smart bracelets are the daily bread. What happens with Mexico? Apparently in this country there are a high number of patenting such as technological inventions, industrial machinery and consumer goods.

In an interview with the newspaper El Universal, Miguel Angel Margain – general director of the Mexican Institute of Industrial property (IMPI)-, said that more and more Mexicans registered patents and that the States with the most activity are the city of Mexico, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, State of Mexico and Guanajuato.

According to the director of the IMPI, Mexicans registered patents related to industries such as electronics, construction, mechanical or automotive. Articles for use and consumption, new formulas for laboratory, heating and even weapons are registered in by Mexicans and foreigners.

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Bat-Gen, an eternal battery created by a Mexican.

Although the percentage of registration is still being dominated by foreigners, Mexicans have gained ground in recent years. Only during the 2015 were 1300 Mexican patent applications, compared with the nearly 2000 carried out by Americans. It is expected that this year that number will increase because there is a campaign which seeks to spread the idea that we need to register and protect our inventions.

Mexico celebrates the day of the Inventor during February 17 since it was the day he was born Guillermo González Camarena, creator of the color TV.

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