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CivilizationEDU, a new educational tool for American schools


Increasingly the gadgets and technology that is used in schools. To the extent that are used as tools to teach in classes today. This is increasingly being used by companies in addition to creating products for companies, also creating products for schools.

Microsoft is one of those companies that has taken advantage of the flip and is preparing a special version of Minecraft for schools, but will not be the only game that reaches to the educational world. Civilization, one of the most important strategy games of its genre, it will have an educational version that will arrive at American colleges next year. This version will be known as CivilizationEDU.

CivilizationEDU will have the motor and functions of Civilization V

CivilizationEDU will be an educational tool that will enable the student know the historical facts and the civilizations, but it will also allow to recreate historical events, battles, creating towns, battles, etc… A tool that you will be more than a toy for students that can learn at any time the history of civilizations and various historical characters who were creating historical facts.

CivilizationEDU will be present in the classroom next to MinecraftEDU, but will actually work? CivilizationEDU adds nothing new, only uses scenarios specialized V. Civilization Minecraft apparently nothing exceptional, so I very much doubt that these games revolucionen the educational world, although it seems that in the United States if that will be used. In any case it seems that new generations will continue playing this mythical game and may not be the only one in re-emerge if really works. Already in his time there was a tough opponent who all the world liked, Age Of Empires, a video game from Microsoft that you can be a success if CivilizationEDU is popular or perhaps not? do you you think?

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