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Clear it will have to compensate customer for not having insurance

Through a press release, the national consumer service (SERNAC) advises that it was clear fined to pay 980,000 CLP and 70 UTM to a client for failing to comply with its obligations.

In November of 2015 the customer decided to behave to Claro and hiring Plan Multimedia PRO 10GB. But in the place of residence of the affected, mobile data and voice service they never functioned and that “there was no signal for the correct execution of the service”.

The affected went to the Under-Secretary of communications (SUBTEL), where was ordered to clear make discounts and compensate the affected, in addition to restore immediately the service, that never happened.

Given the above was a demand the second Court of police Local of San Bernardo, where SERNAC took the post of the subject, given the violation to the law on protection of the rights of consumers,

According to the statement: “clearly did not respect the terms of the contract, causing damages to the consumer to not provide the coverage and service, missing the duty of professionalism that assists him in a society where electronic devices are highly used.”

The telecommunications company filed an appeal, which was rejected by ratifying the decision of the first instance.

Currently, SERNAC maintains two open collective trials and 10 trials of general with clear interest. Only in the Metropolitan Region there are 15 processes opened by allegations of breach of contract, negligence in the service, misleading advertising and more.

If you feel that you have been the victim of an abuse of consumer or needed to learn about your rights, you can call toll-free SERNAC 800 700 100, attend in person to any of its offices or do it via the web on their official website.

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