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Clear the LTE Advanced in the Valparaiso Region implements

Clear Chile announced the deployment of 4 G LTE + network in the Region of Valparaiso as part of its expansion across the country. From today the customers of the operator will have the option of access to speeds of download of between 40 and 50 Mbps, provided have a phone compatible with LTE Advanced.

Clear said that started the deployment in Valparaiso due to the high concentration of population and to the high use of data moving. After Valparaiso, clear has designed implement the LTE Advanced in the eighth Region and later in different cities of the country.

Compared with the 4 G traditional, the LTE Advanced offers little more than the double of speed thanks to the complementarity that is da with the bands of 2600 MHz and 700 MHz. In the last study of OpenSignal is learned that clear offers the internet more quickly, although in terms of reliability not is very well stopped.

In any way are good news for those that have with a phone compatible and a plan loose to navigate without concerns.

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