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Clip Layer for Android lets you copy content from any app

Microsoft recently admitted that the rise of smartphones was lost, but it seems that he is doing everything you need to be aware, at least in its division of mobile software. As part of this wave reaches Clip Layer, an Android app that solves an ancient problem.

More one ever has run into the need to copy and paste the contents of any app to share it through chats or messages with our contacts, but in reality there are few programs that allow select text within its interface. Clip Layer comes to solve that problem.

Currently, available for Android, once installed Clip Layer is activated and overcomes each time that you open any other application, thereby enabling the ability to select content, copy it to the Clipboard and paste it into any other means permitted, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Developed by the guys at the Garage Lab of Microsoft, the seminal ideal that gave rise to Clip Layer fine courtesy of Steve Won, the same creator of Hub Keyboard, after frustrated by those applications which did not allow copy and paste its contents.

This application is simple, minimally invasive and very practical.

Download Clip Layer: Android, free.

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