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Comparative speed of all models of iPhone launched


If you’re a regular supporter of the keynote, probably you’ve seen as Apple always tends to compare the performance of the latest model of iPhone that presents with the first that launched the company, a comparison that clearly does not make sense, since the first iPhone launched makes 9 years ago, when technology was not the same that we currently enjoy. According to Apple keynote, in addition to being the best iPhone they have created (bad would be otherwise) the Cupertino-based company said that A10 Fusion processor for the new iPhone is faster than the first model that Apple launched 120.

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In the video that we show, we can see different tests have been carried out in all iPhone models, from the time that takes in light, open the Chamber, performance results but also and only on compatible devices, there has also been a test of speed of Touch ID to unlock the device , where Interestingly wins the iPhone 6s Plus.

Logically through them Geekbench, new iPhone models earn Street to the previous models, on all the iPhone 7 Plus. In the AnTuTu test also sweep their rivals. As the test of opening of the application of photos, we can see how the new iPhone are once again the fastest along with some older. In this test are also measured the decibels of the speakers, test that also wins 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus because have two speakers.

In terms of global warming, can see how older models the new iPhone are more or less on par with the. older models. When bigger is the model, the temperature that reaches the device is also increased. This test is carried out after putting in automatic mode a performance application where the processor Gets the most to see his performance.

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