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Confirmed that Samsung is moving ahead with the Note 8, will be presented in September

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Many have been them rumors that have surrounded to the range Note during these months, after the company Korean is viera forced to remove it of the market due to them blasts that caused a small number of devices, but cure is in health it best that did was remove it of the circulation, including all them devices that until that time is had distributed in all the world. Some rumors pointed to the company could leave of produce these range and integrate it in the S8, the other ship logo of the company. In fact, a few days ago I told you that the S8 could be compatible with the stylus, a stylus that would be sold separately from the device.

But far from giving by lost a high-end unique stylus, remember that no terminal as the Note in the market, there is the Korean company is betting for this device, and according to the publication Business Korea, the company plans to present the eighth generation of Note in September of this year, allowing a reasonable time between the presentation of the S8 and making the sale.

Of time and as still missing much time for its launch, it only that can Intuit is that the signature Korean will improve them news that were included in the Note 7 as is scanner of iris, in addition to add new functions to the stylus of the device. In addition it also released a new digital assistant from the laboratories of Viv Labs, the company that acquired the Korean company a few months ago and that is the same that created Siri at the time. What is expensive is that much will be the users who will receive with open arms this eighth generation of the Note, after the bad taste left by his predecessor. Fortunately for the company, Samsung users have continued relying on the company despite this disaster, mainly due to the lack of new products important in the market, especially if we speak of the new terminals of Apple.

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