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Could a photograph convince you finally to you bought Google Pixel?

Fotografía Pixel

There are certain elements in a high-end phone that can get to the customer decide finally between a device or another. The iPhone is have valid of an exceptional photography if is it compared to them range high of Android makes some few years. But this story has finally changed.

And now one might wonder if it would have the possibility of that a photograph taken with the Google Pixel would be enough for, rather than buy an iPhone 7 Plus, you will spend this year to an Android that simply delivers a fascinating performance at all levels. Already looking at the details of this photo by an XL Pixel, you will surely fall surrendered before the first phone made by Google.

And it is that Pixel photography is simply overwhelming and only a screenshot can reveal these words which seems that sell smoke, but when one lends itself to focus on the details of that street in New York City at night, when the wind and rain raging, he begins to understand the high quality which is home to this terminal.


The curious thing about this picture is that it has been taken by an editor of a blog known for its love of Apple phones that, thanks to her, has changed his opinion to declare his passion for Pixel and even say that there is no other phone that under those conditions could make a photo as well.

Omfg, this Pixel XL photo.

-Vlad Savov (@vladsavov) October 27, 2016

Is the own editor which says that that photo it captured in a second without almost think the photography:

Was in the middle of the Seventh Avenue in New York in a night rainy and of wind, and stopped precisely because could take a photo quickly with the Pixel. This is must to the access fast with a double press in the button of on of the phone to launch the camera, an action that can be made low ones conditions difficult, as is when the rain falls, and in which the Touch ID of the iPhone simply not works.

So, returning to the words and header of this post, docould you convince this picture finally in purchasing a Pixel?

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