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Create a delicious CardBoard-based cocktail biscuits

With the fashion around the virtual reality, many want to know how can be any device or peripheral to enjoy it. It is true that there are several that are expensive and others that are less expensive, but which do not satisfy at all. Therefore have to look for alternatives, like a be functional, accessible, and rich… like the CardBoard shown on Make and that it was prepared with cookies crackers (or those used for cocktails) and glazed.

As described in the publication of the magazine, was created from segments of overlapping panels of mass type Graham bread, which were United with the culinary technique based on cream cheese.

After a process of calculation and placement of various parts, as for example the introduction of a pair of plastic sunglasses, was completed the delicious Cardboard which in first instance was dismantled completely, but that eventually ended up being consistent and useful, but not so practical truth.

The more fun and sympathetic is that the device, in addition to being easily realizable, is 95% edible, as you can see in the pictures.

If you want to take the test, then bon apettit, but beware of plastic lenses.

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