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Create false application of Facebook Lite with malware

Download applications it is, it is better always to do it from legitimate sites such as Google Play Store. It would be a mistake to rely on shops of third parties who can offer malicious applications. Such is the case of the most recent discovery.

The people of Malwarebytes LABS has discovered an false Facebook Lite for Android application, thin client of the social network for internet connections of poor quality, which hides the Trojan Spy FakePlay whose malicious work depends on two components: a service and a receiver.

At the same time, each of them carry out their own work, but to not be detected, they use names such as and for service and receiver, respectively.

The first that comes into action is the service, executed once the phone turns to request the foreclosure of the receiver. The latter is he who hides malicious code able to steal sensitive information, as the ID of the device, your MAC, model, location, version of the system, operator’s network and the SIM serial number. In addition, the receiver component contains code that allows you to install malicious applications.

The researchers suggest that the application is of Chinese origin by the characters found in your code and aims to Android users who for some or other reason can not download Facebook Lite from the Google Play Store. This practice is common in the Asian country and is no doubt that the main affected so far are originating from the same.

As a recommendation, are asked to avoid at all costs the illegitimate shops and any other source of discharge that can offer malicious applications. Personally, I would recommend to enable the protection of Android applications from unknown sources.

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